Featured Community Partner: Made in KC

$0.93 of every dollar. Ninety three cents! That’s how much money Made in KC reinvested into the local economy for every dollar of revenue we earned over the past two years.

As a reader of the Shawnee Mission Post, as someone who values local journalism and local community, first we must thank you! We are so proud to live in a city that embraces makers and artists, a community that supports each other, and a community that invests in what’s important. Anyone who’s lived outside of KC or who’s traveled frequently understands the special culture we share — what a treat!

Well, as you embark upon your Holiday shopping this year, we want to let you know that we are here for you and that we are committed to Kansas City. Each year we support over 250 local artists, makers, brewers, bakers, and yes, even candlestick makers. This year is no different.

Despite a harrowing and tragic year, we are as committed as ever: to our employees, to our artists and makers, to our community. We are committed to bringing you the best local goods from a vibrant community of creatives spread throughout the metro.

Like many of you, we consider the impacts of our spending now more than ever before. Despite tighter budgets, we know that choosing where we eat and where we shop has a significant impact beyond the intrinsic product or service. Our purchases are votes of support and investments in our community. And at Made in KC, they’re also part of an incredible story. A story of neighbors and friends building businesses out of hobbies, crafting careers out of garages and basements, of taking risks and of sharing their talents with the world.

Happy Holidays from Made in KC!