Mission begins street, sidewalk renovations along Lamar Avenue, construction to last 90 working days

The Lamar Avenue rehabilitation project began at Lamar and Shawnee Mission Parkway, and will work its way north to Foxridge Drive.

The city of Mission on Wednesday began construction for its Lamar Avenue street rehabilitation and resurfacing project.

Last month, the Mission city council approved a rehabilitation and resurfacing contract award — which includes a recommended ultra-thin bonded asphalt surface treatment that removes a portion of the top of the existing pavement and seals it with UBAS — to Superior Bowen Asphalt Company for just over $928,000.

Prior to the approval, Councilmember Sollie Flora said it may seem as though it’s a large project to tackle during financially uncertain times brought on by COVID-19, but it’s a critical project for the city.

“[This is a] much needed, highly visible project,” Flora said. “Currently, we have the [Johnson County CARS] and Safe Routes to Schools funding that we might not have if we were to delay the project.”

The $1.1 million project is being funded through the Johnson County County Assistance Road System program and a $68,000 Safe Routes to Schools grant — a Kansas Department of Education program that awards grants to municipalities for projects that make it safe for kids to walk or bike to school.

Although CARS funds are not to exceed more than 40% of the project expenses, the city originally submitted a lower estimated total to the program in 2019 which resulted in $422,000 in CARS funding for the project. An additional $75,000 is available through CARS and has been requested by the city, according to city documents.

“We’re looking forward to having this project, which serves so many Mission residents and visitors, underway,” Public Works Director Celia Duran said. “The fact that we could use local tax dollars to leverage county and federal funds makes this a good investment for our community.”

The project includes repairs to curbs and sidewalks along Lamar Avenue, such as this one. Photo via city of Mission’s Twitter.

The project began at Lamar Avenue and Shawnee Mission Parkway and will move its way north to Foxridge Drive. The construction period is estimated to take 90 working days for the UBAS treatment. Below is what the project will include, according to Mission:

  • Repairs to the spot curb, gutter, sidewalk and other concrete areas.
  • UBAS treatment, including “a milling of the entire street and a resurfacing”
  • Joint and asphalt patching
  • New bike lanes and pavement markings through the Safe Routes grant

A specific timeline for the new bike lanes and pavement markings is currently unknown, “but will be scheduled as close to the end of the rehabilitation and resurfacing work as possible,” according to the city. Questions about the project can be answered by Public Works Superintendent Brent Morton at bmorton@missionks.org or (913) 676-8380, or by Superior Bowen’s Tim Mulvaney at (816) 918-0196.