Best Bets for the Weekend: Makers, magazines, rice pudding

Hello dear readers, how’s life treating you? I’m mostly okay. Occasionally I’ll see a grandmother talking to her grandson through a window and my heart will break wide open all over again. This is not normal and I hope it never will be.

But moving on. There’s still plenty of joy to be found in this world and we’re hell-bent on finding it. Here are some things we’ve loved lately and we hope you’ll share your own moments of joy for this Mother’s Day weekend.

    • We’re just finishing Season 2 of Making It, which is our family’s favorite show. You’ve got the charming Amy Poehler co-hosting with woodworker/actor Nick Offerman as they pose challenges to some of our country’s finest and loveliest craftspeople. It’s sweet, it’s interesting and we all walk away inspired to make actual things (such as the piggy bank Olivia made for Daisy).
    • As much as I would love to delve into the Great American Novel right now, my brain is usually fried by the end of the day. And while I still can’t quite get into ebooks, I was stoked to read that the Johnson County Library offers hundreds of great magazines through an easy app. I’ve been pouring over old issues of Cook’s Illustrated, New York Magazine and yes…US Weekly. How else am I supposed to learn what Meghan Markle wore to get coffee last week?
    • We’ve been charting our own home school path, focusing on a different country each week in an “Around the World” theme. Last week we studied India and on Friday we made the best rice pudding I’ve ever tasted. It’s not too sweet and reminded me of mango sticky rice (without the mango). The recipe is from Alton Brown and I can’t wait to make it again.