2020FIT: Burn fat & boost your immune system

Throughout this quarantine we’ve been looking for ways to get our community feeling better from home. There are many great ways to stay fit at home, from yoga to body weight workouts to meditation. But one thing we often forget about is actually right under our nose – our own breath.

At 2020FIT we often challenge our members to focus on nasal breathing during sleep, exercise and just hanging out.

“This is a topic we’ve been talking about for a long time,” says 2020FIT Founder Jon Rowley, “but I don’t know that people take it seriously, and now it’s more important than ever.”

So why is it important to focus on nasal breathing? Nasal breathing regulates your heart and it allows for more oxygen to get to active tissues. You’ll remain in a more relaxed (parasympatheic state) and burn more fat from nasal breathing and get an overall better workout – though in the short term it will be much harder.

“One of the biggest benefits might come during sleep.” In fact, Rowley goes so far as suggest taping your mouth shut to keep it closed while sleeping at night. Taping your mouth shut at night improves not only your own sleep quality but also that of your partner, who won’t wake up from your snoring. He suggests using 3M’s micropore surgical tape.