Your Community: Bookmark Design Contest winners

The Friends of Johnson County Library are pleased to name the winners of the 2020 Bookmark Design Contest. “They’re so wonderful,” exclaims Friends president Jennifer Curtiss, “and I collect a new set every year. They’re a great way to get creative people of all ages interested in our excellent Library system.”

The annual competition is generously supported by the Friends of Johnson County Library. This year, they accepted more than 400 original illustrations in seven age categories from Preschool to Adult. Accepted media were colored pencil; marker; crayon; gouache; tempera; oil; acrylic; finger-paint; chalk; watercolor; pen-and-ink; on paper only. Designs, drawings and images must be made by hand only, and the original art must be submitted.

2020 Bookmark Design Contest Winners:

Audrey Vietti

Grades 1-2
Hunter Everett
Adalyn Long
Ellis Nohe

Grades 3-4
Toshani Pippalapalli
Derin Serbetcioglu

Grades 5-6
Hannah Markiewicz
Olivia Wang

Grades 7-8
Cecilia Grahek
Vivian Mahaffie
Jillian Reuter

Grades 9-12
Margaret Drumm

Tess Boyer
Jessica Ward

When the Johnson County Library buildings reopen, the winning bookmarks will be printed and available for distribution to Library users at the 14 library locations.

The Friends of Johnson County Library are a membership organization that supports the Library’s collections and programming through sales of gently used items. Visit the to learn more.

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