Merriam Visitor’s Bureau compiles virtual tours, local take-out options during stay-at-home orders

The Merriam Visitors Bureau list of online activities and tours includes a livestream of penguins from the Kansas City Zoo. Photo courtesy of Kansas City Zoo.

Physical travel may be off limits during the coronavirus stay-at-home orders, but that doesn’t mean a trip to a United States National Park is out of the question.

The Merriam Visitors Bureau over the last few weeks has been compiling virtual tours for residents to view from the comfort of their own homes. Executive Director Karen Crane said although there are many negative impacts stemming from the global pandemic, there are also “glimmers of hope” while communities come together to exchange and create online experiences.

“I hope it just gives people an alternative way to think about travel and to think about fun times with their families, places they can go when the travel ban and when COVID-19 moves on out of town” Crane said.

Crane is pushing one to two virtual tours a week on MVB’s social media, both local to Merriam and the Kansas City metropolitan area, as well as national options. With everything from baking and the Kansas City Zoo, to Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride, below are the virtual tours Crane has gathered:


Kansas City Metropolitan


In addition to compiling the above virtual tours, Crane is sharing daily “dine-at-a-distance” posts of local restaurants on the MVB Facebook page. There is also a 12-day local love challenge: Merriam residents are encouraged to engage with their community while keeping their distance by participating in fun activities such as leaving an inspiring sidewalk chalk message.

“I think we are starting to see the community come together across the metro and it’s nice — even though we’re in the midst of this unprecedented time,” Crane said.

To keep up with MVB’s tours and dine-at-a-distance posts, visit the MVB Facebook page here.