Inside JCPRD: Physical distancing as a family – how to limit screen time and keep active

By Alison Smith

With students taking part in distance learning and adults working from home, we are all spending more time online these days. It’s hard to determine just how much screen time is too much. Unfortunately, this is the temporary world we are living in, our temporary normal, everything is being done virtually for everyone’s safety. It’s not forever, this is our solution until things can get back to normal. Our partners at Children’s Mercy Fit-tastic work with the Campaign for a Commercial-free Childhood. CCFC recommends that we focus on content of screen time, quality over quantity. When we are on our phones, computers, tablets, and other devices, are we being mindful about what we’re actually doing on those devices? If we’re being productive and doing meaningful work on the screen such as school work, learning a new language, catching up with our best friend that we haven’t physically seen in three weeks, that’s great. But if we’re scrolling through social media, playing games, or watching videos, we could probably find something better to do with our time. It’s time to disconnect to reconnect.