2020FIT: Q&A with Jon Rowley

The Rowley family, owners of 2020FIT.

As the weeks of quarantine drag on we thought some folks might like a little wellness inspiration. At 2020FIT we believe wellness starts from within and extends far beyond working out in the gym. Here are some ways founder Jon Rowley is taking advantage of this unique time:

  • Books you’re reading (and why):
    (NOTE: I typically have 2-4 books going at the same time. One for a different location in the house, different time of day etc…)

    • MORNING: The One Thing by Gary Keller. I find myself from time to time trying to do everything. This is helping me focus on what is most impactful in our business and the best use of my most valuable resource – my time.
    • EVENING: Trailblazer by Marc Benioff
    • RANDOM: The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday. This is literally a one minute read I do every day to keep my perspective in check and thoughts balanced.
  • How you’re moving your body:
    I’m actually getting back into it. I’ve eliminated ‘trying’ from my vocabulary and am just doing a different kind of workout every day. Today I went to Windsor park (I have 1/2 mile to get there) then did 5 rounds of 20 dips on the logs, 20 log jump (jumping on to a log) and then 20 lunges. Barely got out of breath but it was nice to spend an hour outside in the gorgeous sun!
  • Projects you’re tackling:
    Dear goodness, where do I start? Mulching at the house. Planting 27 bushes at the gym. Completely gutting the original side of the gym to get ready for re-opening. Planning our garden at home. Touch up painting around the house. You name it. Most of the projects I’m taking on during this time are projects that I can include my boys in which is nice for them. Even if they can’t participate, they can see what hard work looks like.
  • Music or podcasts you’re listening to:
    Music: I’ve got a 2000’s hip hop playlist that brings me back to some fun times and most recently I’ve been re-listening to the Bohemian Rhapsody’s movie sound track. It’s epic. Podcasts – I’ve been way off on this topic, honestly spending every waking hour either working or being with my family. It’s definitely something I need to get back in to. I’m a big fan of Tim Ferriss for life optimization and his guests as well as The Wellness Mama for family health.
  • What you’re eating:
    I’ve been following a pretty regimented determinant fasting protocol the last couple of weeks and when I eat I try and keep it to fresh food as we’ve been cooking a lot however last Friday was my birthday and I thoroughly enjoyed a ‘paleo’ vanilla cake my wife and kids made for me.
  • Techniques you use when anxiety sets in:
    Put down your phone. Turn off the TV. Go for a walk. If that doesn’t work I’ll simply set a timer for 2 minutes and close my eyes – When I come to I’ll take an empty pad of paper and write down what I can DO about what is currently on my mind.
  • The thing you secretly love about isolating at home:
    It’s not so secret. I love spending time with my boys and being a better (note, I’m not saying good) husband. Over the course of the last 7 1/2 years, I’ve been really good at putting work #1. It’s been a nice (though stressful) reset to work towards putting family #1.
  • The thing you’re most excited to do when quarantine is over:
    Hugging people. Sharing my love with others. We are so lucky to know so many amazing people and I just want to hug them to let them know how much we missed them. Look out for a bear hug when this social distancing comes to pass!!!