Roeland Park defers rent payment for commercial tenant in city hall due to COVID-19

Scenic Road, a creative content and video production company located in a second floor suite at Roeland Park city hall, will have its rent payment to the city deferred through June 2020.

The Roeland Park city council on Monday evening approved an amendment to a lease with Scenic Road, a creative content and video production company, to defer rent payment through June 2020.

Scenic Road requested a three to six-month, penalty-free rent deferment for the suite it leases on the second floor of Roeland Park city hall. The company has either cancelled or postponed a majority of its business due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to city documents. Below are the terms of the amendment, which can be found here:

  • Scenic Road will not pay rent for April, May or June 2020
  • Scenic Road will pay an increased rate for July through December 2020, at $2,671.38 for July and $2,709 for the months thereafter.

Under the original lease, Scenic Road would pay $1,780.92 for July 2020 and $1,806 from August to December 2020, according to city documents. Councilmember Jan Faidley said she fears Scenic Road might not be able to pay an increased rate as it might be looking at “a gradual ramp up of business” following COVID-19.

“As a small business owner, I can really relate to this,” Faidley said. “Obviously [the amendment] takes the pressure off of the three months we’re talking about, but then coming back with having to pay 150% rent when their business may not have ramped up yet, I’m not sure that is a viable option.”

City Administrator Keith Moody said he presented the proposed amendment to Scenic Road owner Kevin Scwarzenberger. Moody said that while he doesn’t know if Scwarzenberger could say for sure where he is going to be financially come June 2020, he was “appreciative of [Roeland Park’s] considering relaxing payments.”

Councilmember Trisha Brauer said that it’s important for the city council to work with tenants because the chance of recuperating any money is slim to none if a tenant is put out of business. Additionally, Brauer said that the city council has to trust the business owner’s sense to hold their part to lease negotiations.

The city council unanimously approved the amendment to Scenic Road’s lease agreement.