SMSD News: Continuous learning

As we complete our third week of Continuous Learning in the Shawnee Mission School District (SMSD), we want to commend families and staff for their perseverance, flexibility, and innovation. This is a new experience for everyone and district educators have developed some resources that are intended to serve as a roadmap and helpful guide for Continuous Learning at home.

There is a parents’ guide on each school’s website, in English and Spanish, which provides an overview of Continuous Learning and can be a helpful reference tool. We know this is a challenging time and families are dealing with trying circumstances. Here are some tips that may assist during this time:

  • Be flexible and have patience with yourself, your family, and your teachers.
  • Develop a routine: The most successful learning can be accomplished when families develop a routine or daily schedule. Invite students to participate by asking them to make decisions about study location, schedule, and activities so they are involved in their learning. A daily routine can be helpful to all family members because everyone knows what to expect.
  • Start a routine in the morning by getting up at the same time and getting dressed for school. Eat breakfast and plan the day or review the plan. (See the note on our meal distribution program below.) Some parents are adjusting to new routines themselves while their students are involved in Continuous Learning. A schedule can be helpful for all family members in order to respect quiet times and provide assistance when needed.Also, respect when the schedule may have to change as different days may bring new challenges.
  • Try a variety of activities for each subject area: This can include time for reading as well as learning online and offline. Quiet activities could include reading or writing in a journal. Include physical activities in the day like taking a walk or doing yoga. Think about creative activities which students may do with other family members like art or cooking. Take breaks when needed and spend some time outside for part of the day as weather allows.
  • Set a Conclusion Time: Just as it’s important to start the day on time. Set an end time for the conclusion of the day. Take a technology break every day and turn off the phone, technology, and video games. As the learning time concludes – think about including time to interact with family members in conversation, games, puzzles, etc., as much as possible.

We are all new to Continuous Learning and we are all in this together. Shawnee Mission is a strong, kind, and caring community committed to the wellbeing of every child. We thank everyone for their partnership.

Pickup and Go Meal Procedure Change
Beginning Wednesday, April 15, SMSD meal distribution sites have changed to Monday and Wednesday distribution of meals. This change allows families to pick up two days of breakfast and lunch meals on Mondays and three days of breakfast and lunch meals on Wednesdays. There will be no distribution of meals on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday.

This change in service provides our families and community an additional layer of support in following the current “Stay at Home” orders, and limits extra travel in the community. Meal Distribution sites include: Comanche Elementary, Rosehill Elementary, Shawanoe Elementary, and Hocker Grove Middle School. Children must be present to receive meals, although parents do not. Additional information is available on our website.