Best Bets for the Weekend: Reading, listening, watching, eating

Hello friends, how’s it going out there? I’m still a big mix of emotions. I cherish having this time with my kids and the slower-paced schedules, but I’m worried for friends who are losing their jobs and family members who are facing tough times.

But for the moment, let’s focus on the positive, shall we?

  • By far the most beloved picture book series in our household, Chirri & Chirra are two adorable Japanese characters whose adventures are what dreams are made of. We own this entire series and read it nearly every night. And of course, it’s a great way to support our own fantastic Rainy Day Books.
  • We’ve started a small movement amongst our friends with these throw-back walkmans. If you’re tired of the screens, consider “investing” (at $15 a pop) in one of these for your kids. They can listen to some good old-fashioned radio, record themselves singing, or even play vintage cassettes if you’ve got any sitting around. Our middle daughter is obsessed.
  • The best kind of family show is one we’re all equally interested in. Lego Masters fits the bill – the kids are in awe of the creations and Jay and I crack up over host Will Arnett. I’m also hoping it will inspire them to dust off some of their Lego projects that are currently gathering dust.
  • It’s always a struggle to get my kids to eat their vegetables, and while I know it’s frowned upon to hide them in other food, it’s better than nothing. Lately I’ve been adding frozen, riced cauliflower to their strawberry-banana smoothies and they have yet to notice.