Best Bets for the Weekend: Reading, drinking, eating, listening

How’s everyone doing? Got all those long-standing projects completed? Done writing the Great American Novel? Me neither. Like many others, I feel busier than ever trying to homeschool the kids while working. Maintaining my sanity has never been this difficult, but we’ve had some fun, too. Here are a few things we are enjoying:

  • Our kids are at very different reading levels and I’ve struggled to find books that appeal to all of them. But this week I found the answer. As part of our homeschooling I read aloud for 30 minutes each morning. We recently started Anne of Green Gables and man, I am really enjoying it. Normally my 4-year-old wouldn’t be into a novel that doesn’t include pictures, but we do it at the table where she (and the other girls) can color and craft while listening. Tell you what, it’s been a total game changer. And I’m thinking we might try the Netflix series when we’re done – anyone have any feedback on that?
  • Of course, I had to try this whipped coffee as soon as I saw it. It’s easy to make (if you have a stand mixer), beautiful to look at and delicious to drink. And while the high sugar content means it won’t replace my regular morning coffee, I’ll remember it next time I need a special treat.
  • I’ve been really uninspired by cooking lately (and when I say lately I mean for like 5 years). Cooking with the kids has never appealed to me – it takes too long, the kitchen is tiny and I don’t have the patience for it. But now I’ve incorporated it into our homeschool curriculum, which means we have dedicated time for it. Each week we choose a country to learn about, and on Friday we make the food associated with that country. This week is Mexico and the kids have chosen to make guacamole, beans, shrimp tacos and (what I’m most excited about) this tres leches cake. It makes the weekend more special and we’ve all had a blast.
  • Easter at home will be a new experience for us. I’m excited to make the day a little more special by walking to our nearest church to listen to the bells ringing. If the weather isn’t great I think we might go on a tulip-spotting drive, too. Kansas City is so beautiful at Easter and we need to appreciate that now more than ever.