2020FIT: Doing everything we can

We’ve been working for 8 years to build a fitness community and 9 days after we opened our brand new facility, it was shut down. Though our physical location is waiting to re-open, our team is as engaged as ever helping keep our community safe and healthy during these trying times. We’ve adapted and are excited to be offering a myriad of services that are crucial for our well-being while 90% of us are stuck at home. Our goal for our clients is that they come out of isolation healthier and happier than ever before.

We’re finding that even though we’re not operating in a physical location, our community can grow and thrive during this time as we are working to keep people engaged, healthy and motivated.  And any possible way that we can help our community is one the table. Just a few examples that we’re currently taking on include:

We hope you’ll get in touch if you’re interested in using today to set yourself up for success tomorrow. There is no reason to wait until we ‘re-open’ – We all have the time now and it’s worth taking advantage of. Take steps toward a healthier you and contact us today.