Fountain Mortgage: Support Katie Grimes for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Woman of the Year

This week, in place of our usual column, we wanted to highlight the efforts and story of Fountain Mortgage’s Senior Mortgage Consultant, Katie Grimes, as she joins the fight against blood cancer. Katie was nominated for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Man and Woman of the Year and needs your help to win! Read and watch her story below:

Dearest Friends and Family,

In these strange and uncertain times, most are feeling some amount or a combination of fear, anxiety, worry, sadness, hope, and isolation. That mix of emotions is familiar to myself and my family because it’s similar to what cancer patients feel every day during their battle, sometimes even after. Cancer patients live in constant fear of contracting an illness that could wreak havoc on their already weakened immune systems. Being able to attend things like sporting events, church or school programs is simply not possible for them. Even hugging or kissing loved ones isn’t an option. Most of the stressors we’re experiencing during this pandemic are a temporary lifestyle change for us, but an everyday reality for cancer patients.

What we do know is that our current lifestyle changes are temporary. We’ll eventually return to business as usual, and get back to things feeling normal, but cancer patients don’t get that same opportunity. More than ever, we need to continue to fight for accessible treatments, affordable prescriptions, and being able to provide day-to-day essentials for those fighting cancer.

It is an honor and appreciation to share with you that I’ve been nominated as a candidate to compete for The 2020 Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Man and Woman of the Year. (MWOY). Since the beginning of March, men and women from across the Kansas City area have been raising funds to build awareness in support of the mission of LLS to cure blood cancer. I’m so proud to be competing in the loving memory of my father, Larry Bernhardt. In September of 2016, we received the devastating news that he was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s T cell Lymphoma, and later Large Granular Leukemia (LGL). He lost his battle with blood cancer on July 16, 2019. While we miss him every day, I cannot think of a more powerful message than turning our loss into hope and resources for others who are still battling this disease.

In light of recent events, my campaign has had to change course some in order to keep our friends and family safe, but one thing will remain true- people need our help. My team and I are dedicated to honoring my father’s legacy by helping others, and giving to those who are fighting a tougher battle then we currently are is the characteristic of a true hero. I hope you’ll be a hero with me and donate to the fight against blood cancers.

With your support of a tax-deductible donation, LLS can continue funding critical research in the fight and provide outstanding patient services. To donate online, go to my fundraising page, Our deadline to receive all donations is Thursday, May 28th.

Please be kind to one another, and remember that this too shall pass. I know that, in time, we’ll get through it together. I’ll be praying for the health and safety of your families today and always.

Katie Grimes
Fountain Mortgage Senior Mortgage Consultant