2020FIT: Yoga for mind and body health

Yoga. We need it now more than ever. To slow our racing minds, to create space for our breath and to connect ourselves to the planet when we’re stuck inside. No equipment is required and it can be done just about anywhere. It really is one of the perfect workouts to practice during this time.

At 2020FIT we love yoga for its lasting benefits on every part of our body. Through yoga we increase our mobility and strengthen our core. Yoga improves other types of workouts by making us more flexible and supple – able to sit deeper in our squat and to lift higher and more easily. The practice of yoga also builds strength of mind and body.

2020FIT just completed a beautiful new yoga space, complete with floor to ceiling windows and infrared heaters. We look forward to using it someday! But for now, we’re encouraging you to capture a little yoga magic at home. Our yoga instructor Lindsay has posted some beautiful yoga sessions that anyone can enjoy. The next time you’re feeling overwhelmed or cooped up take some yoga time for yourself.