Prairie Village residents start volunteer service group to help the homebound during pandemic

Lend Ten says volunteers will help run errands like trips to the grocery store or pharmacy for people who can't leave their homes at all amid the coronavirus pandemic. Photo credit Dean Hochman. Used under a Creative Commons license.

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A couple of years ago, Maurine Kierl and her neighbor developed the idea for Lend Ten, a volunteer service group based in Prairie Village. She hadn’t gotten around to getting the group off the ground — until now.

With the need to help out the community at an all time high amidst coronavirus, Kierl decided to start making some calls a couple of days ago. Services offered by Lend Ten range from outdoor chores such as basic yard work or gardening to running errands such as picking up carryout meals and shopping for items at the grocery or hardware stores. Currently, Lend Ten is focused on helping those who are in quarantine, self-quarantine, or high-risk people.

She’s recruited about 10 volunteers who are currently focused on the central part of Prairie Village, she said. The goal is to get Lend Ten off its feet in her community before spreading its wings in other cities, Kierl said.

“The idea right now is to make sure we can do this here, take care of our immediate neighbors,” Kierl said. “If something comes up and the need is [somewhere else], then it’s all hands on deck — we’ll do what we need to do to find neighbors that can help out in those areas.”

All Lend Ten services are free of charge, and any requested payment should be reported to the organization immediately, according to the website. A volunteer may ask to be refunded for spending money in order to fulfill someone’s request, but it will be discussed prior to the volunteer spending any money.

In an effort to form connections within the community, Lend Ten pairs volunteers with someone in their neighborhood, Kierl said.

“We all need to be here for each other,” Kierl said. “Nobody can do everything on their own.”

To request assistance, volunteer or inquire about virtual happy hours, visit Lend Ten’s website, found here.