Shawnee, KDOT to partner on roadwork improvements near proposed Heartland Logistics industrial park

A rendering of Heartland Logistics Park. The project is expected to include 2 million square feet of warehouse and manufacturing spaces.

The city of Shawnee is teaming up with the Kansas Department of Transportation to make road infrastructure improvements near 43rd Street and K-7 Highway.

The $12.2 million improvements project is part of the city’s efforts to support development of Heartland Logistics, a proposed industrial park on 150 acres at the northwest corner of 43rd and K-7. Once completed, the industrial park is expected to include about 2 million square feet of space across multiple buildings for warehouse, distribution and manufacturing uses.

Earlier this year, KDOT announced that Shawnee would receive economic development funds for the road improvements. The city must enter project agreements with KDOT to receive reimbursement. Two separate agreements were made for 43rd and K-7 Highway and include sanitary sewer improvements.

Economic development funds from KDOT provide a 75% reimbursement to Shawnee for construction costs for 43rd Street and K-7 and are capped at $4.2 million.

The developer, Project Homeland, is planning to make a $90 million investment in the industrial park.

The infrastructure improvements along 43rd Street are scheduled for June through October. Those improvements include:

  • Elevating the road above the floodplain
  • Creation of a new concrete street designed to withstand industrial traffic
  • A new bike-pedestrian path to connect future city parks
  • Adding streetlights
  • Burying electrical distribution lines

Drainage will flow into new infiltration basins to be constructed with the private development.

Improvements at the K-7 and 43rd Street intersection are scheduled for August through November. These improvements include:

  • Additional turn lane lengths
  • New detector loops
  • Traffic signals
  • Grading

Sanitary improvements include installation of a lift station; design for these improvements are under review by Johnson County Wastewater. Construction is scheduled for July through December.

Councilmember Eric Jenkins expressed his support for the agreements and the proposed industrial park.

“This is a pretty big deal project we’re doing here; we’re looking at a potential of up to two million square feet of warehousing space and commercial space,” Jenkins said. “This is the kind of thing we’ve been looking for for a long time, so it’s pretty exciting. I’m thrilled that we were able to get KDOT involved in this. Kudos to everybody that negotiated and got that to happen.”

The city council voted 6-0 to approve the project agreements with KDOT. Councilmembers Jill Chalfie and Lindsey Constance were absent, attending the National League of Cities conference. There was no public comment.

The city will consider final approvals for development of Heartland Logistics Park at a later date.