Parents demand action after stray bullet hits car carrying kids home from soccer

A Johnson County girl was burned when she sat on a still-hot stray bullet that hit the car she was in on the way home from a soccer game. Photo credit Cory Denton. Used under a Creative Commons license.

It should have been a happy ending to a fun-packed day. A girls’ soccer game near the Legends had just ended and Dan Huntington said he needed to stay behind to coach his boys’ team. So he sent his daughter, 10, to ride back to Spring Hill with her 11-year-old friend and her friend’s mom, Jamie Lingner.

As they headed south on U.S. Highway 169 near 199th Street on Sunday, Jamie’s daughter leaned toward Huntington’s daughter in the back seat to show her something on her iPad. It was when she straightened back up that she felt something amiss. It turned out a bullet had come through the passenger’s door and dropped onto her seat during those few seconds, said her aunt, Susie Cheatham. The bullet was still hot enough to burn her as she unknowingly sat back down on it.