At Q&A session, Shawnee Mission board president discusses variables that led to attempt at 3-year unilateral contract

Shawnee Mission Board of Education President Heather Ousley detailed some of the variables that led the board to pursue a three-year unilateral contract over the objection of many teachers. She said the predictability that the three-year contract would have offered could have helped the district move some of its janitorial service expenses to a different funding bucket, thus freeing up more money for classroom employees.

Shawnee Mission Board of Education President Heather Ousley on Saturday publicly answered questions about this year’s contentious teacher contract negotiations process for the first time since the Department of Labor ruled that the second and third years of the three-year unilateral contract adopted by the board were unenforceable.

The Q&A session at the Matt Ross Community Center in downtown Overland Park was co-hosted by Education First Shawnee Mission and the Shawnee Mission Post.