Roeland Park to consider purchasing carbon emission tracking services

Mayor Mike Kelly

Roeland Park Mayor Mike Kelly, who is also the Climate Action KC co-chair alongside Shawnee Councilmember Lindsey Constance, said the resources in the plan — if implemented — will have both environmental and financial returns on investments. File photo.

The Roeland Park city council on Monday will consider purchasing carbon emission tracking services from Dynamhex for $6,000 in year one and $2,000 to $4,000 in subsequent years “depending on the level of intervention needed from” Dynamhex staff, according to city documents.

Dynamhex Chief Executive Office Sunny Sanwar presented the software to the city council earlier this month and outlined the way in which Roeland Park would utilize the software. If approved, Roeland Park would be one of the first municipalities to use Dynamhex’s software. Sanwar said the software — which is based off of his PhD research at the University of Missouri at Kansas City — would help Roeland Park understand the city’s carbon footprint, and offer personalized solutions on how to reduce its footprint.