Updates from Johnson County Community College: From Child Development Center attendee to employee

Helping students meet their educational goals is a top priority at Johnson County Community College. To succeed in this mission, the College strives to offer resources that benefit all students on their JCCC journey. For example, licensed and accredited child care is available to students with children ages one through six right here on campus at the Hiersteiner Child Development Center (HCDC).

Read on to discover how the HCDC helped shaped the future of one of its current teachers.

HCDC Facilitates Full Life Circle

Jennie Brockhoff was already “college-bound” as a toddler. Now, 30 years later, she’s teaching at JCCC’s HCDC, the very place she learned her ABCs. After completing JCCC’s Early Childhood Education program and later earning a bachelor’s degree in Child Development Education, Brockhoff now teaches alongside her own childhood educators.

Some of Brockhoff’s fondest childhood memories come from visiting JCCC with her mom, Dina Wilson, who was a nursing instructor in the late 1980s. After graduating high school and deciding the next step for her life, Brockhoff became a substitute childcare aid at the HCDC. What began as a part-time gig quickly transitioned into a passion of “experiencing life through the eyes of a child.”

Shortly after her stint as a substitute aid, Brockhoff enrolled in the Early Childhood Education program at JCCC. “Starting the Early Childhood Education program felt like a new lease on life. I loved the classes and made lifelong bonds with the students who journeyed through the program with me. I finally felt like I had a purpose and direction to my life,” she remembers.

Brockhoff’s experience landed her an Assistant Director role at a local child development center where she quickly realized an administrative position was not fulfilling her passion of hands-on teaching. Her life eventually came full circle – she’s now a Lead Teacher at the HCDC for children ages 2 1/2 to 4 years old – perhaps the next generation of Cavaliers!

Now in graduate school, Brockhoff attributes most of her success to “the firm foundation” established during her time at JCCC. “The Early Childhood Education program at JCCC taught me to see the wonder in everyday experiences and how to show the world to young children. Being on campus always felt like home. It’s such a beautiful place to spend time. I honestly wish I could’ve gone to school here forever,” she says.

Setting the Example

With two young boys of her own, Brockhoff could not be prouder that one is already following in mom’s footsteps at JCCC’s HCDC. “It’s so amazing to see him with teachers I graduated with and worked with for so long. He is so very happy here, he cried when he couldn’t go to his ‘new school’ on Sunday.”

Here’s to hoping her sons will one day carry on the JCCC family legacy!

Your Tomorrow Starts Here

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