In presentation to Republican group, Vallejo Foster says she wants to see reforms in healthcare regulation, cuts to federal spending

Adrienne Vallejo Foster, a GOP candidate for the Kansas Third Congressional District seat, shared thoughts on healthcare, immigration and taxes in a presentation to the Starlight Republican Women on Thursday evening.

Healthcare reform, immigration issues and electability were some of the dominant subjects highlighted by Adrienne Vallejo Foster, one of the candidates running for the Third Congressional District seat, in a public presentation to the Starlight Republican Women on Thursday evening.

Vallejo Foster, a former mayor of Roeland Park who served as the Executive Director of the Hispanic and Latino American Affairs Commission under Gov. Sam Brownback, was the third GOP candidate to enter the race when she filed in October 2019. She faces Amanda Adkins, an Overland Park resident and businesswoman who entered in September, as well as Sara Hart Weir, a former nonprofit executive from Mission who entered the race in July. The three are vying to challenge first-term incumbent Democrat Sharice Davids, who defeated Republican Rep. Kevin Yoder in 2018.

Vallejo Foster said she’s running for Congress because she believes the country is “in desperate need for strong, principled leadership.”

“We don’t need a heart or a contender in Congress; we need a fighter,” she said. “I’ve always been a fighter…and I will fight for each and every one of you every day.”

A second-generation Mexican-American, Vallejo Foster said she was proud of her family and heritage. She stressed her support for strong border security as well as reform in the immigration system that paves a clear, legal path for green cards and citizenship.

“I do not believe in amnesty,” Vallejo Foster said. “It is an honor and a privilege to live in our country, and we don’t give it away. I always taught my children to never skip the line, so I don’t believe in anyone skipping the line as well.”

‘We have to be able to have someone who is advocating for you’

Born and raised in Wyandotte County, Vallejo Foster said her work ethic and connections with the Hispanic community, as well as her experience as an elected official, make her the most electable candidate among the field of Republicans.

Vallejo Foster shared her views on a number of items:

  • She supports healthcare reform that will provide quality plans at reasonable prices and with lower deductibles and more affordable prescription drugs. To do so, she’d like to deregulate insurance, thus increasing competition. She’d also like to see price transparency for healthcare services as well. “We have to be able to have someone who is advocating for you, not the insurance companies,” she added.
  • She opposes Medicaid expansion in Kansas and would rather ensure disabled Kansans have access to Medicaid than providing Medicaid to those without a disability.
  • Vallejo Foster supports a more localized approach to education and school choice for children. Although she thinks it is unlikely to happen, she would also like to abolish the federal department of education. “As long as we’re working with our school districts and our cities, we should be able to decide how our children should be taught,” she said.
  • Vallejo Foster supports a “tax-friendly” environment that fosters small businesses. “Less government is best government for small businesses,” she added.
  • She also supports lowering the federal income tax, specifically President Trump’s “tax cut 2.0” plan.
  • Vallejo Foster said the federal deficit is “out of control,” so she supports “across the board cuts” to all federal agencies except for defense.
  • She supports programs for veterans, especially improvements for access to medical care and other services.
  • She would also like to address mental health issues and the growing suicide rate among veterans as well as youth.