Best Bets for the Weekend: Things that aren’t nude board game night

Photo credit: istock

As much as Facebook is trying to steer me in the direction of Nude Board Game Night at the Sanctuary of Eden in Overland Park this weekend (is there something in my profile that suggests I might like it?), I think I will keep my clothes on for socializing. But hey – if that sounds appealing to you, you’re welcome for including it. If not, here’s some other options:

  • I will admit that the main reason this interests me is that it reminds me of a fantastic episode of Parks and Rec. But even though this Public Health Response Simulation might not include Leslie Knope, I still think it sounds like an interesting and worthwhile volunteer opportunity. Saturday morning the Church of Resurrection in Leawood, along with the Johnson County Dept of Health and Environment, will be testing our community’s ability to respond to a major public health emergency. Volunteers are needed to test existing response plans and identify areas for improvement.
  • Stay warm and full this Saturday while also helping a local treasure. The Shawnee Indian Mission is hosting a chili cook off to benefit all the fun events that take place at the Mission over the year.
  • Sunday the Lutheran Church of the Resurrection is hosting Reversing Global Warming – Introduction to Drawdown. In “Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming” a coalition of researchers from around the world identified the most substantive solutions to address global warming, and demonstrated that we can reverse global warming with existing technologies. This introductory program was designed to encourage a change in how we think about and respond to the crisis of global warming and climate change.