2020FIT: Getting over the intimidation factor

When you think of CrossFit, what comes to mind? Football players pushing tractor wheels down a parking lot? Fitness competitions filled with terms that sound like a foreign language?

Erase those images from your mind and prepare yourself for a different definition. You’ll find it in 2020FIT’s origin story:

“What people don’t realize is that we started our gym with four women who were walking – doing nothing else but walking for exercise. And we convinced them to train with us for an hour a day. And in proving to them that someone in their 50s can do CrossFit it goes to show that the only thing that’s required is a positive mindset and an ability to want to get better.”

Chances are the clientele at 2020FIT doesn’t look like you’re expecting. For every college athlete there’s a grandmother. Competitive CrossFitters work out right alongside those who’ve never even touched a barbell.

Whether you’re an experienced weightlifter or someone who has yet to set foot in a workout class, there is a place for you at 2020FIT. And what’s more, you’re guaranteed to find others who are in your shoes. Contact us today for a free week of classes and see for yourself.