Mission hosts watch party for Kansas City Chiefs victory parade, rally

A handful of Kansas City Chiefs fans watch the team’s victory parade and rally at the Sylvester Powell Jr. Community Center in Mission.

The Kansas City Chiefs celebrated a Super Bowl victory on Wednesday afternoon, and the city of Mission did its part to help fans participate in the festivities — from the comfort of a warm building.

The city of Mission hosted a Chiefs victory parade and rally watch party in the conference rooms at the Sylvester Powell Jr. Community Center from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Wednesday. A handful of Kansas City Chiefs fans came out to watch the parade on the community center’s big screens, and enjoy a snacks provided by the city.

Some attendees came to the watch party after seeing an announcement on social media, and others happened to be in the building. One attendee said she headed to the watch party after a yoga instructor informed her about it. She said she was a fan of the Chiefs prior to the franchise’s relocation to Kansas City, when they were the Dallas Texans.

Another attendee, Vincent Rolls, went to the victory parade in downtown Kansas City, Mo., before heading to the Sylvester Powell watch party. Rolls, who has been a Chiefs fan for nearly three decades, said even in the bitter cold, parade attendees were peaceful and loving.

“It means everything for the city, for me it means everything,” Rolls said. “I’ve been a fan since I was 10 and I’m 38, so I’m a diehard and I love it. It brings the community together.”

Rolls said the conference room alone showed the power of the win, as there were people of varying generations there sharing the experience. Another watch party participant, Kathy Bauer, struck a similar chord: Not only has the win brought the city together, it’s brought together a nationwide fanbase, Bauer said.

“Everybody is so excited, even people all over [the country],” Bauer said. “My son is in Las Vegas, he was cheering [the Chiefs] on and jumping into a swimming pool afterwards. It’s just bringing everybody together.”