2020FIT: Community is what makes 2020FIT different (TEst Update)

There are many options for exercising in the Kansas City area. From small community centers to mega gyms, many of us have tried a variety of workout centers over the years. So what makes 2020FIT in Prairie Village stand out from the pack?

Most fitness centers focus on the workout. You walk in, exercise and leave. Maybe you see a familiar face, maybe someone has said ‘hello’ to you, but perhaps not. You might spend years going to the same gym and still not get recognized.

Things are different at 2020FIT. Your introduction to the gym begins with personal on-ramp sessions. This time ensures that coaches get to know you (your strengths, your aches and pains, your personality) and that you fully understand the different movements you’ll be exposed to.

“It’s not only about improving yourself,” says founder Jon Rowley, “but it’s about being a part of something where everybody’s working towards a common goal, which is getting better. Whatever your definition of better is, we respect that and want to help you get there.”

From your first time in the door on you’ll notice how quickly you become a part of the 2020FIT community. From classes that always start with a friendly handshake, to a variety of social events, 2020FIT is much more than just a workout facility. It’s a way to transform lives through fitness and friendship. Contact us today for a free week of classes.