Roeland Park approves agreements on Roe 2020 project, will receive $1.6 million through JoCo CARS

Per approvals at a city council meeting, the Roe 2020 project will receive a $1.6 million reimbursement from Johnson County’s CARS program.

The Roeland Park city council on Tuesday evening approved two items related to the Roe 2020 project: agreement with Johnson County that will provide $1.6 million in funding through the County Assistance Road System (CARS) program and a traffic signal bid of $133,551 with Lemac Company Inc.

Roe 2020, the project that will completely revamp the Roe Boulevard corridor within city limits, is estimated to cost just over $10 million — after an 9.7% increase of $666,000 from the last city council meeting. The agreement with CARS, a county program to maintain and construct major corridors such as Roe Boulevard, will provide the city with $1.6 million toward the project.

Councilmember Michael Rebne asked why the agreement with CARS reflected a total project cost of $9 million. City Administrator Keith Moody said that when the city submitted the project for CARS funding about nine months ago, the cost estimate for Roe 2020 was $9 million. CARS will not update the agreement to reflect the current cost estimate, and CARS uses an equation to assign each city an allowance, Moody said.

“You’re not supposed to exceed that allowance, but with this project, we’re going above that allocation,” Moody said. “In future years, basically, we don’t have a project every year and we’ll get back to our allowance.”

Public Works Director Donnie Scharff said the CARS program will reimburse the city for up to 50% of the construction cost and the construction inspection – which in total are $2.8 million and $350,106, respectively — and those reimbursements amount to the $1.6 million. The city council passed the agreement unanimously.

A rendering of the northern gateway feature planned as part of the Roe 2020 project.

The city staff and engineer recommended the city solicit bids for signal poles and mast arms to keep the Roe 2020 project on schedule, Mayor Mike Kelly said. The city received two bids: one from Lemac Company Inc. for $133,551, and from Mid American Signal Inc. for $158,870. City staff recommended going with Lemac since it was the lower of the two bids.

In addition to the bid for traffic poles and mast arms, Lemac included an add alternate for black coating at $172,803 and an add alternate for anthracite black metallic coating at $212,164. Kelly said the alternate for the painting of the poles and mast arms can be decided at a later city council meeting.

Councilmember Jennifer Hill, who was elected council president during the same meeting, asked if the city would be obliged to use Lemac for powder coating if they were approved for traffic poles and mast arms. Moody said the city would use Lemac for the colors of both items, as their add alternates were both less than the add alternates from Mid American Signal. The city council unanimously approved the traffic signal bid.