2020FIT: #Goals

If you are looking for a catalyst to jump start 2020 this is it – a goal challenge: write down your goal. You are 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down. So here is a fun challenge to get you started.

Step 1. Write down a health/wellness or fitness goal on the goal sheet (goal sheets at the gym). Make sure it’s SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based)

Step 2. Post your goal sheet on social media by January 31 – tag 2020FIT with the hashtags #2020FIT #your2020resolution

Need help getting started with your goals? Check out the latest 2020 podcast: Ep. 80 | New Year’s & the New You.

We will randomly pick 5 individuals who have completed steps 1 & 2. Winners will receive a gift which supports them in achieving their goal.

2020FIT is here to help you achieve your resolutions. Stop by today for a free class!