Shawnee launches hotline for odor complaints about landfill

The city of Shawnee has launched a new hotline for people to call about odor complaints. File photo

The city of Shawnee has launched a new hotline phone number for people to call if they have a complaint about odor from the landfill. That number is (913) 894-3777.

This makes a slight change to the Citizen Service Request system that the city has in place for addressing issues. Previously, the city had taken odor complaints linked to the landfill through an online system or through the city’s Shawnee Connect app.

Julie Breithaupt, communications manager for Shawnee, said the reason behind the change is to allow landfill management to address odor concerns more quickly and efficiently.

“We believe this change will make the process of reporting any landfill odor concerns easier for our community,” Breithaupt said.

Shawnee works with Waste Management, the manager of the landfill, on odor complaint issues, and both parties indicated that the new hotline will allow landfill employees to both log and address odor complaints more quickly than the existing method allowed.

Breithaupt noted that the city will “continue to work closely with Waste Management to track and deal with landfill odor concerns.”

The change only impacts odor complaints and no other issues that residents enter through the Citizen Service Request system.

Anyone with questions about the change can contact City of Shawnee Management Analyst Kirby Wiley at or at (913) 742-6204.