Updates from Johnson County Community College: History professor receives national attention

History courses at Johnson County Community College provide a solid foundation for several degree programs. With knowledgeable professors and extracurricular opportunities, the History department strives to build a brighter tomorrow for JCCC students.

Whether the goal is completing required credits or embarking on a career, students can expect several perks while taking a JCCC History course, including:

  • Faculty-led Study Abroad trips to destinations rich with history
  • Professors who are also active authors, field experts and practicing historians
  • Class field trips and guest lectures from across the local-area, state and country

Internships are a great way for students to prepare for career success. The History department offers networking opportunities with groups ranging from the National Trucking Society, to local museums and other historical societies. Most internships require a 10 hour per week time commitment in order to earn up to 3 credit hours.

Another way students can expand their educational experience is by joining a Club or Organization. Here are a few that might be of interest to a history buff:

  • Multicultural Programming Advisory Council – an organization dedicated to multicultural education and cultural diversity.
  • 7 Thunders – aims to show convincing proof that Science, World History, Economics, and other subjects that seem to contradict the Bible, actually support it.
  • Model United Nations – students learn how the world’s nations work together to solve international problems and reduce suffering around the globe.

National Coverage

Dr. Tai Edwards, JCCC Associate Professor of History, is a well-known Historian on both the local and national level. After presenting at the Western History Association Conference a few years ago, Dr. Edwards was approached by C-SPAN to give an interview detailing her presentation topic. This interview debuted on C-SPAN’s American History TV program in October 2015.

Fast-forward to 2019 when Dr. Edwards was once again contacted by C-SPAN to be featured on their Lectures in History series. This time, producers took advantage of the large and modern space of the CoLab on campus to recreate a lecture-type setting.

“Participating in the C-SPAN Lectures in History was a wonderful opportunity to highlight the excellence of community college education generally, and JCCC specifically, to a national audience. The feedback I have received from strangers across the country has demonstrated that my goals in elevating the excellence of community college learning were achieved,” Dr. Edwards says.

Satisfy Your Inner History Buff!

It’s not too late to check out the History department’s spring class lineup. It’s free to apply, easy to enroll and we have flexible class options to fit your schedule!