Your Community: Meet the Library custodians

Johnson County Library branches are generally clean, tidy and pleasant spaces, and a lot of the credit for that goes to custodians who mostly work out of sight of the patrons they serve.

Library custodians take great pride in making sure the heavily-trafficked public spaces stay spruced up, sanitized and healthy.

“They’re all hard working,” says Chay Her, interim custodian supervisor with Johnson County government. “We have really great teamwork and everybody supports each other.”
Meet a few of them!

Ed Smith
Custodian at Central Resource & Monticello Libraries

Ed joined the Library just last year. “When I first came to the Library, my first week here, I scrubbed the restroom down as hard as I could to get the floors as white as I could. The book drop area, I buff the area to make it shine a little bit and make it look nice. It does fill me with a sense of accomplishment.”

In his spare time, Ed repairs vendor booths at the Renaissance Festival, where his wife helps manage the Hearts Delight clothing booth.

Brian Cohen
Custodian at Blue Valley Library

Brian has worked at the Library for over five years. “I know what to look for. I do a lot of cleaning that a lot of people would never notice.”

When he’s not at work, Cohen enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter and frequents flea markets on weekends.

Peggy Bristow
Custodian at Central Resource Library

Peggy worked for years in Johnson County Corrections before she became a custodian at Central three years ago. She spends much of her time sanitizing the public computers at the end of each day.



Eric Casaert
Custodian at Antioch Library

Eric has worked for the Library since 2011. “The nice thing is, the Library staff is really good.”

A single dad of three teenagers, Eric’s work schedule has allowed him to be with his kids during the day and evening.

The mission of Johnson County Library is to provide access to ideas, information, experiences and materials that support and enrich people’s lives. These custodians help achieve that mission at all of the 14 Library locations. Visit to find a Johnson County Library near you.

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