Lenexa Rec Center offering free wellness assessments for members

The Lenexa Rec Center offers free wellness assessments for its members. Photo courtesy city of Lenexa

The Lenexa Rec Center is offering free wellness assessments for members as part of efforts to help members’ meet their fitness goals.

Since the rec center opened in 2017, members have been able to receive a free 60-minute wellness assessment as part of their membership.

John Forbis, manager of the Lenexa Rec Center, said a wellness assessment includes a basic fitness test, health analysis with the use of an InBody scanner, and a conversation about each member’s fitness goals. Rec center staff also walk them through equipment and basic exercises that will help them achieve their fitness goals.

The health data collected by an InBody scanner is used to help rec center staff track the progress with members and personal training clients.

Only about 10% of members at the Lenexa Rec Center utilize this service. Forbis said they’re hoping to grow those numbers because they believe it will help them achieve their goals.

“The biggest benefit we see is sustainability of whatever program these members are looking to achieve,” Forbis said. “So if they’ve got specific goals, when you have a metric to track and you can see your results, that’s going to give you a little more motivation, that buy-in, to keep carrying out the program that you’re doing.”

Wellness assessments at the Lenexa Rec Center cost $40 for non-members and for members who wish to have follow-up scans.

A few other community centers in northeast Johnson County, like the Irene B. French Community Center in Merriam, as well as local YMCAs and privately owned fitness centers also offer wellness assessments for their members. Forbis said this type of service is common for fitness facilities because it can kickstart personal training opportunities for members.

“It’s a tremendous benefit; that’s a $40 value that people are getting for free,” Forbis said. “It’s a great way to jumpstart your gym membership, and it’s a good way to get involved with the facility in terms of meeting the staff and creating that baseline of individuals that you can reach out to for assistance or help, if need be, down the road.”

Editor’s Note: This story has been updated with new information from the Lenexa Rec Center. Free assessments are one time only for each member and not offered annually. The cost of a wellness assessment at the Lenexa Rec Center is $40.