2020FIT: The gift of permission

We’ve all seen and loathed the Peloton commercial where the husband gives his (already incredibly fit) wife an expensive bike, causing her to cry her way to losing three pounds over the course of a year. The commercial has been mocked far and wide, and rightfully so. The gift of fitness for others can be tricky with all its potential implications and hidden judgments.

But what about giving the gift of health to ourselves? What about giving ourselves permission to spend our precious time and resources to get strong and healthy? To be the kind of mother, father, friend, partner that we’ve always wanted to be?

If you’re dreaming of having more energy, of feeling healthy, of looking your best, take advantage of this season of gifting. Gift yourself the one thing you know will improve your life. Contact 2020FIT today to get started on the person you know you can be.