Medicaid expansion, K-12 funding top issues for NEJC legislators as 2020 session nears

State Sen. Barbara Bollier and other state legislators provided an update on the upcoming legislative session.

Medicaid expansion, K-12 funding, childcare issues, and “dark store theory” were among the topics covered by local state legislators at the NEJC Chamber of Commerce’s annual legislative preview last week.

Several state legislators representing northeast Johnson County gave updates on the legislation likely be debated and introduced in the upcoming session. Some issues, like Medicaid expansion, have been carried over from previous sessions.

Rep. Rui Xu, Rep. Jerry Stogsdill, Sen. Pat Pettey, Rep. Jarrod Ousley, Rep. Stephanie Clayton, and Sen. Barbara Bollier gave remarks on about a dozen topics at the chamber breakfast on Friday.

Here’s the order of legislators, their topics and timecodes from the live feed.

  • Rep. Rui Xu: Education issues related to mental health, vaping; climate change policy and renewable energy; and childcare and paid parental leave. Starts at 48:05.
  • Rep. Jerry Stogsdill: Kansas Supreme Court’s decision on abortion; legalization of medical cannabis; due process rights for Kansas teachers as part of recruitment to rural parts of state; balancing taxation to put more emphasis on income tax. Starts at 44:15.
  • Sen. Pat Pettey: Medicaid expansion; early learning opportunities and childcare; K-12 funding; tech training and education funding for community colleges; hands-free transportation. Starts at 39:15.
  • Rep. Jarrod Ousley: Medicaid expansion; funding for family preservation; child welfare and the foster care system; senior care; elections and voter registration. Starts at 32:07.
  • Rep. Stephanie Clayton: Sports wagering; dark store theory; adjustments to tax lid; bundling of large bills; state budget issues; and abortion. Starts at 26:35.
  • Sen. Barbara Bollier: Medicaid expansion; K-12 funding; LGBTQ rights (such as in housing and employment); 20:42.