Leaf truck is back from repair shop, but snow further delays Roeland Park leaf collection

Roeland Park’s leaf pick up truck was in the repair show last week. Photo credit Roeland Park Public Works.

Roeland Park Public Works crews have swapped out the city’s leaf pick-up truck for snow plows, adding to a delay in the city’s leaf pick-up schedule.

Public Works Director Donnie Scharff said the city’s leaf collection vehicle went down Dec. 9 on account faulty wiring that controlled the back motor and vacuum. That part of the machine had to be replaced, taking the truck off the road for a few days. The truck was up and running again on Dec. 14, and the public works crew worked for 10 hours to make up for lost time on leaf collection, Scharff said.

Despite snowfall on Dec. 15, the public works team attempted to continue leaf collection, Scharff said. The vacuum was picking up more snow than leaves, though, which led to clogging of the suction nozzle, he said. Now, public works must wait for the snow to melt in order to start the leaf collection back up.

“We apologize for any kind of inconvenience or delay,” Scharff said. “We can’t predict the weather —Mother Nature will throw at us whatever she wants to — we’ll get back to it as soon as possible.”

Roeland Park purchased the leaf pick-up truck in 2018. The truck uses a mechanical arm that vacuums up the leaves, after residents rake the leaves to the back of their curbs during their scheduled leaf collection days. Updates on leaf collection are to be communicated via Twitter and Facebook, and the leaf collection schedule can be found online, Scharff said.

“We will be delayed, but once we commence — weather permitting — we do plan on working seven days a week to get back on schedule,” Scharff said.