Best Bets for the Weekend: Christmas for the kiddos

I don’t know about your house, but at Shawnee Mission Post headquarters things have devolved into complete chaos. I always forget how much there is to do this time of year. And now I need to add all of these fun events to the calendar!

  • That mean old Grinch, why does he keep trying to ruin Christmas? This time he’s stolen all the candy canes. We’d best track them all down at Sylvester Powell tonight. The candy cane hunt is just one part of the fun for this toddler-friendly event.
  • Pretty sure we will have to cancel anything else we’re doing on Saturday and head to downtown Overland Park for the Winter Wonder Week festival. Between the ice sculpture demonstrations, meeting a reindeer and the holiday cookie taste-off it sounds like everything I love about Christmas all rolled into one.
  • One simple trick to make any gathering instantly amazing? Turn it into a pajama party. Meadowbrook Park knows what’s up. Don your comfiest jammies and meet at the clubhouse Saturday morning for pancakes and bingo.
  • For a Christmas concert that’s a little different from the rest, check out Mr. Stinky Feet on Sunday evening at Colonial Church. Singing begins at 5, with dinner to follow.