Roeland Park extends lease agreement for Sports Dome used by Johnson County Park and Recreation

Roeland Park has extended its lease agreement with Johnson County Park and Recreation District for the Roeland Park Sports Dome.

The Roeland Park city council last month approved a renewal agreement to lease the the Roeland Park Sports Dome, 4850 Rosewood Drive, to the Johnson County Parks and Recreation District for the 2020 season.

The inflatable dome provides courts for adult volleyball and basketball leagues throughout the year.

“This is our annual update,” Mayor Mike Kelly said. “We provide the sports dome at a leased price of $1 and it has been the case for many years.”

Following the amendment approval, Councilmember Jennifer Hill said she would like for the city to look into “an actual fair rental amount would be for this land usage.” Councilmember Tom Madigan said he doesn’t understand why the city would consider raising the price.

“Johnson County Parks and Recs pays for everything at that site, it doesn’t cost us anything,” Madigan said. “Roeland Park gets the benefit there for people to come here and stop into Roeland Park businesses and shop.”

Mayor Kelly said JCPRD’s budget has a line item for replacement of the dome in 2022 at a value above $1 million and currently plans to continue this partnership. He said he understood Hill’s position because the value of the land is worth more than $1. Hill said it is the city council’s job to discuss topics that may impact Roeland Park residents.

“I don’t think that having a conversation about something necessarily means we’re going to do it or not do it, but it’s our duty to our residents to have that conversation,” Hill said.

Councilmember Jan Faidley said a $1 million dome is a significant investment, and the programs that run in the sports dome seem to be popular. Additionally, with JCPRD no longer managing the city’s pool, Faidley said she would “hate to see us cut off our lines of cooperation with the county.”

Councilmember Jim Kelly suggested factoring in a fee per participant to JCPRD’s usage fees or sharing parking lot maintenance, which Roeland Park currently handles since the sports dome is located on the community center property. He also suggested offering a discount for Roeland Park residents who are participating in games or leagues.

There are no competing plans for the land that the sports dome occupies, and JCPRD handles the entire operation.