Rep. Davids said she’s encouraged by ‘bipartisan compromise on USMCA’ that will boost economy

Rep. Sharice Davids said she was pleased with advancement of the USMCA pact.

Rep. Sharice Davids this afternoon is celebrating the advancement of a deal on the United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement, which is intended to replace the North American Free Trade Agreement established in 1994. House Democrats announced today they had tentatively come to terms on a version of the USMCA that they hope to bring forward for final passage. Davids issued the following statement on the development:

The Third District is a major trade hub and our community, along with the entire state of Kansas, benefits most when our country has a strong, fair trade policy. I’m pleased that we’ve reached a bipartisan compromise on the USMCA that will bolster Kansas’ economy. This improvement on our previous trade agreement will support workers, protect the environment, and increase access to affordable prescription drugs.

I’m particularly glad that labor had a seat at the table throughout the negotiation process, and that this agreement includes many of our shared priorities. Importantly, we’ve secured strong enforcement measures to ensure that our trading partners live up to their commitments to protect workers. I’ll continue to stand with our working men and women of the Third District.

While we are still waiting for the final text of the agreement to be released, I’m very encouraged by the information we’ve seen so far. I’ve urged Democratic leadership to bring the USMCA to a bipartisan vote by the end of the year, and I will continue to advocate for that.

We must continue to ensure that all our trade agreements protect workers, provide opportunities, and benefit our economy as a whole, and I’m hopeful that the final text of the USMCA will do that.