JoCo League of Women Voters host Q&A on Medicaid expansion

Sheldon Weisgrau with the Alliance for a Healthy Kansas spoke about Medicaid expansion in Kansas at a presentation last week.

KanCare expansion is ripe for adoption in Kansas this upcoming session because it has  bipartisan support, said Sheldon Weisgrau, senior policy advisor at Alliance for a Healthy Kansas, in a presentation last week hosted by the League of Women Voters of Johnson County.

Furthermore, Gov. Laura Kelly has said she will sign a bill to expand KanCare, which would put Kansas in the majority with nearly every state except those predominantly in the Deep South that have expanded Medicaid, Weisgrau added.

“KanCare expansion is something that is really important for the health of Kansans and for the economic vitality of the state,” Weisgrau said, adding that it will not only provide healthcare for the thousands of Kansans who still don’t have health insurance, but it will also bring money and jobs to Kansas and Johnson County.

Medicaid expansion in Kansas would expand the number of people who would qualify for the public program and also help bring dollars back to rural hospitals in Kansas, several of which are at risk of closing due to a lack of funding, Weisgrau noted.

The League of Women Voters is one of more than 100 organizations that support KanCare expansion for 150,000 uninsured Kansans. As such, the league has made KanCare expansion one of its legislative priorities in this upcoming session.

Weisgrau said Kansans should still reach out to their representatives and senators and urge them to support Medicaid expansion.

Below is a video from his presentation: