Citizen survey results show Lenexa residents continue to view city as great place to live, work and raise family

Customers at JET Produce and Meats during last season of the Lenexa Farmers Market. Photo courtesy of city of Lenexa

The results of a recent survey suggest Lenexa residents continue to view the city as a great place to live, work and raise a family compared to its neighbors in the Kansas City metro area.

The ETC Institute has surveyed Lenexa residents every other year since 2005 to gauge satisfaction with city services and overall quality of life. The survey results cover nearly every aspect of life in Lenexa, including public safety, infrastructure maintenance, code enforcement and parks and recreation.

Satisfaction ratings are similar to what they were a few years ago and are some of the highest in the nation, said Jason Morado, director of community research for the ETC Institute, in a presentation Dec. 3 at the Lenexa city council meeting.

Morado added that the city of Lenexa’s priorities are also “very closely aligned with the expectations of residents.”

“Once again you rated much higher than other communities in just about every single area, especially when it comes to the overall quality of services and then customer service from city employees,” Morado said.

Councilmembers indicated their approval of the citizen survey results and credited city staff for their hard work that resulted in the high satisfaction ratings.

“I’d like to thank the city’s leadership, all of you that are here tonight and those that aren’t, and maybe most importantly all the individuals, the city staff, that make these numbers come alive,” said Councilmember Dan Roh. “We try to set policy and so forth, but it’s the staff that really brings the numbers alive, so thank you.”

Mayor Michael Boehm said he noticed lower satisfaction ratings in the areas of street maintenance and transportation issues. He noted that these were probably lower because of all of the public investment in the city’s major corridors and segments of highways passing through Lenexa in 2019. Boehm said he expects those numbers to go up again in future citizen surveys.

City Manager Beccy Yocham said city leaders and staff will use the results from the citizen survey to guide priorities in 2020.

More than 700 residents completed the 2019 survey, a hundred more than required to ensure accurate reporting, and Lenexa’s results were once again among the best in the KC metro and United States.

Here are a few results from the survey, which show how Lenexa compares to other cities. Percentages shown are the number of people who rate 5 or 4 (Very Satisfied / Satisfied) on a scale of 1 to 5:

  • City as a place to live
    Lenexa: 96%
    KC Metro: 82%
    U.S.: 71%
  • City as a place to raise children
    Lenexa: 94%
    KC Metro: 77%
    U.S.: 70%
  • As a place to work
    Lenexa: 83%
    KC Metro: 62%
    U.S.: 54%
  • Overall quality of life
    Lenexa: 93%
    KC Metro: 74%
    U.S.: 72%
  • Overall quality of services provided by city
    Lenexa: 89%
    KC Metro: 69%
    U.S.: 48%