In attempt to revamp property on Troost, Overland Park councilman Farassati experiences other side of development criticism

Overland Park Councilman Faris Farassati bought the property on Troost with plans to build a mixed-use project with office space and apartments. Some residents in the area have pushed back on early 

Overland Park Councilmember Faris Farassati, who announced this week he is considering running for Overland Park mayor in 2021, has often been at odds with the developers who come asking for tax incentives. It happened just Monday night, in fact, in a lengthy exchange with lawyer John Petersen about the Brookridge project. That conversation ended with a not-quite-convincing, “Thank you councilman. Always enjoy talking to you,” from Petersen.

But across the state line, Farassati is beginning to get an idea of what it’s like to be on the receiving end of some of that skepticism. In Kansas City, Mo., cancer doctor Farassati himself is a developer – though on a much smaller scale than Brookridge. Farassati has a project that he says will help revitalized a troubled stretch of Troost Avenue.