Concern over SM South student access to vaping products prompts questions about new Nall QuikTrip

Overland Park City Councilman Curt Skoog said he was concerned the new QuikTrip would allow SM South students easy access to vaping products. Photo credit Vaping360. Used under a Creative Commons license.

Neighborhood concerns about a new QuikTrip near 107th Street and Nall Avenue were mostly about traffic when the subject came before city planners last month. But it was vaping that got the most discussion shortly before the Overland Park City Council approved it this week.

A plan that adds the QT to the Highlands Village development got unanimous approval from the council, after Councilmember Curt Skoog voiced concerns about how the store, which sells vaping products, will affect students at nearby Shawnee Mission South.

A rendering of the proposed QuikTrip on Nall.

“Vaping is a huge problem at Shawnee Mission South as it is across the country,” Skoog said, before he asked whether QuikTrip would be willing to curtail promotion of vaping products.

QuikTrip puts ads for vaping on its doors touting the low prices of vape goods, he said.

“Vaping is a huge problem. You’re making it more convenient for young people to purchase it during breaks and it’s very concerning,” Skoog said.

Development lawyer Greg Musil offered reassurances that the store will be strict in enforcing the age restrictions. He said cashiers are required to scan driver’s licenses of anyone buying those materials who looks to be under 40. In addition, the company has a “sting” operation four times a year in which undercover buyers test whether they can get past those restrictions.

“So there is a significant effort to make sure vaping products are not sold to anybody underage,” Musil said.

However vaping goods are legal, he said. As such, QuikTrip wants to be able to have the same right to sell them as any other store in Overland Park.

“I don’t believe they should be singled out as the only store in the city of Overland Park to have that kind of restriction,” he said.

The vote came after 2 a.m., at the end of a lengthy city council meeting. No neighbors spoke against the QuikTrip.