2020FIT: Stay fit during this holiday season

The holiday season is here — which means lots of parties, lots of food and drink, and not enough sleep.

So how do stay in shape during a season when so many things are conspiring against you?

Here are some tips we’ve found to be beneficial this time of year.

  • Prioritize physical movement. As calendars get packed with holiday activities, it can seem harder and harder to get into the gym. But the more you move, the better you’ll feel. Put work out sessions on your calendar and treat them like they’re an important meeting you can’t miss.
  • Help yourself not to over-do it. One of the great things about holiday parties is the smorgasbord of food. One of the not great things about holiday parties is how unhealthy some of that food can be. Just like the old adage that you should never go to the grocery store when you’re hungry, you should never show up at a holiday party on an empty stomach. Have something healthy to eat before you head out for the night, and you’ll be less inclined to have that seventh…or eighth cookie later on.
  • Think about maintaining the status quo – not necessarily improving. If you’ve set big fitness goals for yourself, the holidays can be a frustrating time. With everything going on, it can be hard to train as much as you’d planned or to give every work out your full effort. Consider December a good month to pull back a little on the intensity. It’ll be easy to get yourself to the gym if you know you’re not going to kill yourself — and a good 70 percent workout is a lot better than none at all.