City council condemns Mission Bowl, finding it an unsafe, dangerous structure

Mission Bowl has fallen into further disrepair following the fire four years ago. The city council voted to condemn it on Monday.

The City of Mission on Monday evening adopted a resolution — unanimously and with no discussion — finding Mission Bowl, 5399 Martway Street, an unsafe and dangerous structure that needs to be repaired or removed.

The owners of Mission Bowl have 10 days to present a plan for restoration or removal of the building and 30 days to execute that plan. If no plan is presented or the work is incomplete after 30 days, the city can remove the structure and bill the owners. In that case, if the owners do not pay the bill, a lien can be placed on the property.

Mayor Ron Appletoft noted on Monday that the council had deliberated at length on the issue earlier this month.

City council directed city staff to develop findings of fact after a public hearing last month. During the hearing, the city building official Jim Brown presented his findings from a July inspection of the building.

The inspection found Mission Bowl to be a dangerous structure, and the city has deemed it an attractive nuisance. Additionally, a report of Brown’s findings were sent to the owners and the city did not receive a response, Councilmember Hillary Parker Thomas said.

Mayor Ron Appletoft noted that, while Monday’s deliberations were brief, members of the council had discussed the issue at length at a meeting earlier this month.

“I do want to reiterate that even though there’s no discussion going on now, at our November committee meetings these were discussed in great detail,” Mayor Ron Appletoft said.

Mission Bowl has sat vacant for the last four years, after the building caught fire in April 2015. A legal dispute between the building owners and National Catastrophe Restoration Inc. held up the restoration process. In 2017, the owners announced they did not intend to reopen the Mission location. The owners did not respond to requests for comment for this story.