2020 FIT: Feeling good again

By Julia Westhoff

It’s a little strange to be on this side of the Shawnee Mission Post today. For those of you who don’t know me, I am Julia Westhoff, Director of Sales and Subscriptions. I’m married to Jay Senter, the editor of the site, and mother to our three beautiful and very loud young daughters.

I asked if I could write this week’s 2020FIT column so I could share a little bit about the tremendous impact the gym has had on my life.

Let me start by saying I am not a gym person. My workout gear consists of old t-shirts, leggings with holes in them, and the cheapest tennis shoes I can find. I dislike being yelled at by instructors, listening to techno music, and watching myself make mistakes in front of large mirrors. I am the opposite of competitive and naturally low energy.

But worst of all has been my health. A number of factors, including an autoimmune disease, kept me exhausted and in pain for much of 2019 and other periods over the last several years. Making it through the day could be a struggle and I truly didn’t think I would ever feel good again. Over the course of many months and years I went to what felt like 100 doctors, tried a dozen diets and started stockpiling supplements. Nothing helped and I was out of ideas.

Eventually Jay convinced me to try working out with him at 2020FIT. As someone who could barely climb the stairs, I was intimidated to walk through the door. I told myself I would try one class.

One class turned into many more. (In fact, I started attending more classes than Jay.) 2020 was not what I expected. There were no mirrors, there was no yelling. There were people of all shapes and sizes who definitely didn’t care about my abilities or lack of gear. Never once did I feel out of place or under-achieving. In fact, for the first time in a long time, I actually started to feel…good!

I’m about four months into working out at 2020 and my health has improved dramatically. The combination of weights, high intensity workouts and targeted stretching has given me more energy than I have felt in years. The coaches know my weaknesses and help me modify my workouts so that I don’t injure myself. The community is warm, welcoming and really just a lot more chill than I expected.

The goal of 2020 is for clients to improve their physical and mental health. Earlier this year I was a zombie – unable to work, play with my children or hang out with friends. 2020FIT helped me get my life back and I can’t recommend it enough. Come join me in a class – I’ll be the one lifting the lightest weights with the biggest grin on my face.