Lenexa approves preliminary plan for QuikTrip near former Kohl’s building

A rendering of the proposed QuikTrip at 95th Street and Lenexa Drive

Lenexa has advanced plans for QuikTrip to build a new gas station and convenience store in the parking lot of the former Kohl’s building on 95th Street.

City leaders have been generally supportive of the project on the southeast corner of 95th Street and Lenexa Drive, but wanted to ensure that there was adequate parking for the site and for the new/future tenant of the Kohl’s building.

Councilmembers and members of the Lenexa planning commission are also entertaining the idea of adding additional signage that would direct westbound traffic on 95th Street to exit right and pass under the street on Lenexa Drive to access QuikTrip.

QuikTrip has been in talks with the owners of the former Kohl’s building and Bank of America to address any concerns about shared parking and cross access to the QuikTrip site. The property owners have worked out an agreement to everyone’s satisfaction, according to city documents.

That agreement involves relocating the parking spaces allocated to the Bank of America property, allowing QuikTrip to connect to the Bank of America sanitary sewer, and constructing a raised crosswalk through the Bank of America site.

QuikTrip also plans to add an access point from Lenexa Drive, providing direct access to the former Kohl’s property.

QuikTrip’s plans include a few deviations to the setbacks and parking requirements. Magi Tilton, planning and development administrator, said city staff is fine with the deviations because it is a redevelopment project on a parking lot. Tilton noted that there are similar situations in shopping centers or multi-tenant centers in Lenexa.

The former Kohl’s site has 426 parking spaces. With the addition of QuikTrip, the site would lose 107 parking spaces and have a total 319 remaining.

Mayor Michael Boehm wanted to ensure access points would be designed to slow down traffic through the site in a way that keeps pedestrians and motorists safe.

Eric Eckhart, real estate project manager for QuikTrip, confirmed that the layout of parking and access points would include pavers that effectively function as speed bumps.

The council voted 6-0 to approve the preliminary plan for QuikTrip. Councilmembers Joe Karlin and Tom Nolte were absent.