2020 FIT: Topping out our expansion with a little help from our clients

Clients signed the steel beam that topped off 2020 FIT’s expansion project.

A few days ago, construction workers put a bright blue steel beam in place, marking off the topping off the expansion of our space here at 2020FIT.

We asked all of our clients to sign the beam because they’ve made this expansion possible and we’re so excited about what our larger facilities will mean for the community at large.

Everyone who comes to 2020FIT has a different goal. Some are looking to lose fat. Others are looking to put on muscle. Others are looking to feel better or be more flexible or build endurance.

What they all have in common is that, at some point, their goals are very likely going to shift. They’ll accomplish what they set out to do when they first got here, and they’ll be looking for a new challenge.

Our expansion is designed to accommodate our client base and the new challenges they’re looking for. When completed, the facility will feature five separate work out spaces. That means we can offer multiple fitness classes under one roof, for one training plan: Fit, CrossFit, yoga, endurance, core, barbell training, and more, giving clients easy access to new challenges in spaces where they’ll be able to get personalized attention from our coaches.

2020FIT’s priority has always been to provide a friendly, welcoming group fitness community for the whole family. With our new space, we’ll be able to expand that community by offering clients what they want as their needs evolve.

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