Streambank stabilization project in Shawnee to address ‘significant’ erosion issues

The city of Shawnee is addressing erosion issues along creeks that flow behind houses like this one on Oakview Street.

Significant erosion issues and wet weather in Shawnee this year have triggered a push from city leaders to put a streambank stabilization project out for bid.

City staff identified three streambank stabilization projects that are required to protect or restore infrastructure “that is threatened by significant erosion or meandering streambank channels,” according to a city memo.

These “significant” streambank erosion repairs are required at three locations — 6910 Albervan, 7204 Oakview and 16601 Midland — and were initially planned to be completed by public works staff.

The three projects have instead been bundled to be bid for construction because of extreme wet weather this year. As permitted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineering, Olsson Associates revised plans for in-house repairs and prepared a joint construction documents package, to allow the projects to be bid and repaired as part of one project.

The project includes:

  • Stabilizing a side channel to the Little Mill Creek that is threatening a driveway and Midland Drive
  • Constructing a retaining wall where the meandering stream has taken out a privacy fence and is threatening utilities
  • A bank toe stabilization project where a storm drainage pipe has been severely undercut

“Since these issues were initially identified between three to six years ago, staff would like to see these resolved before they grow even more expensive and threaten or destroy even more infrastructure,” city staff wrote in the memo.

City staff noted that work will generally be limited to the immediately affected properties. Staff has notified neighboring property owners and is working to acquire easements to gain access to the project areas.

The roughly $174,300 project will be covered by funds budgeted in the city’s stormwater utility fund for land improvement and maintenance repairs.

The Shawnee council on Oct. 14 voted 7-0 to approve final plans and allow city staff to bid the project. Councilmember Matt Zimmerman was absent. There was no discussion or public comment.