Shawnee planning commission says Stag’s Spring project conforms to city’s comprehensive plan

A rendering of Stag’s Spring, a luxury apartment complex planned for downtown Shawnee. View of the rotunda looking northwest from Nieman and Roger roads.

The Shawnee planning commission last night affirmed that Stag’s Spring, a $16.1 million proposed luxury housing project downtown, conforms to the city’s comprehensive plan.

Doug Allmon, community development director for Shawnee, said the commission was tasked with determining if the project plan conforms to the intent of the city’s comprehensive plan. This step takes place before a public hearing on TIF funds for Stag’s Spring can take place. The developer, Kevin Tubbesing, has requested $3.1 million of public funds for the project in the form of tax increment financing.

Allmon noted that in determining if a project plan conforms with the city’s comprehensive plan, it is not about the site plan, zoning or financial portions of the project. Those items are through the purview of the Shawnee governing body, he added.

Further discussion of the city’s comprehensive plan was also on the planning commission’s Monday agenda. Allmon noted that the planning commission is tasked with reviewing the comprehensive plan in order “to get it more in line with the vision and studies that have been done for the downtown area.”

The planning commission voted 7-0 to agree that the project plans conform to the city’s comprehensive plan. Commissioners Bruce Bienhoff, Carrie Bingham, Brian Roth and Steven Wise were absent.

There was no discussion or public comment.