At Q39, chef delights in creating innovative takes on BBQ classics

When Rob Magee opened Q39 five years ago, people flocked to the eatery to try the competition style BBQ that made his Munchin’ Hogs team a national champion.

But what’s kept them coming back time and again is Q39’s culinary creativity.

At both the original Q39 on 39th Street and the second location on Antioch in Overland Park, Magee focuses not just on putting out perfectly executed Kansas City BBQ classics. He’s also packed the menu with a range of innovative takes on standard dishes.

“That’s what really separates us from other restaurants,” Magee said. “It’s not just barbecue. It’s a full culinary experience. We like to give people reasons to come back and try something new and exciting. You take an item that people are used to, and you put a little twist on it.”

For example, Q39’s recent seasonal menu update added 15 items, with enticing new fare from top to bottom. There are the smoked sausage and buffalo cauliflower florets on the appetizer menu, a BBQ take on the French dip sandwich that features Q39’s award winning brisket, and for dessert, made-from-scratch drop donuts served with chocolate and raspberry sauce.

The atmosphere is a departure from the traditional BBQ joint as well. Magee describes his restaurants’ aesthetic as “up-to-date rustic,” with a focus on making guests feel comfortable.

“Having an open kitchen was a big thing for me because I wanted all our customers to see that everything is made right here on a smoker or a wood-fired grill,” he said. “There are no microwaves. When you order our barbecue, you know we’re doing it the same we way did in competitions.”

And while Magee and his team are always focused on delivering a top-notch experience, he keeps his eyes on the future as well.

“That’s one of the really fun things about barbecue, is that it’s got such a rich history and great flavors to work with,” he said. “You kind of keep your eye on what’s new and trendy and think about how you could marry the two things together. You know, ‘What if I took these things and put them together like this?’”

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